Staying active while wooing a potential partner

Mixing it up with an active date

interracial couple having outdoor date

For the fitness freaks amongst us often a traditional date with a partner can be a less than exciting way to spend an evening. Below we provide some active date ideas that, at the very least will be more fun, but might also lead to a more successful dating experience:

Ice Skating


Obviously, this one might be out for those living in California, Florida, Texas and so on but for a winter date that adds a bit of fun and enjoyment consider an ice skate. Many cities throughout the US and Canada have outdoor skating rinks that are a great way to not only spend time with a new flame but to see your partner in a different light.



The complete opposite to ice skating, snorkeling is another enjoyable, glorious activity to do with a partner. The beauty of this suggestion is that it will likely involve a day trip down the coast which allows for small-talk in the car thus freeing up the afternoon to swim and dive in the deep blue ocean as friends.

Rock Climbing/Abseiling


Mountain climbing activities are a wonderful way to build trust with a person and raise the level of your relationship. By helping achieve to potentially overcome fears whilst accomplishing the joint goal of reaching the mountaintop, you’ll see a side of each other you may not have seen before.


Go to the Zoo


A great way to get to know each other whilst also burning some calories and mixing it up is by going on a walking date at the zoo. This activity gives you plenty of things to see, time to talk and area to cover so if you pick a sunny day you’ll end up reaping the many benefits this date idea has to offer. One little footnote though, try avoiding school holiday time!

 Take a Ballroom dance class


For an intimate setting that also allows you to develop new skills and increase coordination, you might want to consider signing up with your partner for a dance class. This is a fun way for you to gel with your partner and many of the dances you will learn are quite romantic. Fun, entertaining, romantic and a solid workout. What more could you want?




An amazing way to reduce stress and to release frustration, this activity will also get the competitive juices flowing. Providing things don’t get a little too competitive, consider paintball for a fun, challenging date with your partner.

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