Entering the world of sports fandom

When it comes to finally taking the plunge and entering the world of sports it is likely that you are going to want to start following a team. The reason being to make the experience more enjoyable and to relate to others who you are engaged in watching sports with. Below are the top 5 factors to consider when choosing a sporting team to support.

Choose the sport for you

multiple sports athletes standing facing camera

There are many choices of sports that you can follow. Making the wrong choice at this stage will likely lead to you being disinterested when watching events. Whether its basketball, baseball, soccer, football or ice hockey, each sport has different strengths and weaknesses that you should research prior to selecting a team to follow.

Family allegiance

family cheering as they watch sports on television

Quiz your family. Does your dad follow a team in your chosen sport that will make dinner conversation awkward if you were to settle on a rival team? Sometimes picking the same team can lead to enjoyable outings with your family that will leave lasting memories. Decide now whether you want to follow family members in supporting the same team or whether you want to branch out on your own.

Is location of the team important


Do you plan to attend games in person or just watch on a streaming service provider? Obviously if it is the former you will eliminate many potential options at this stage. It’ll be impossible to support the Vancouver Canucks if you reside in Florida and intend to see many games in person.

Does the uniform matter


Do you have requirements in terms of the look of the team? If you plan to buy a uniform to show your support but hate purple, then there is no point following the Colorado Rockies then as you will be signing up for a lifetime of wearing purple.

Be aware of the team’s history


There is nothing worse than signing yourself up to a lifetime of misery. You may love the colors, the location and the fanbase of a team like the St. Louis Blues but be aware that you’ll be inheriting a life time of failure that emanates through this entire franchise if you start rooting for a team like this. However, with that said there is nothing worse than jumping on a bandwagon of a team that has experienced much success, so it may provide no greater feeling than supporting a less than desirable team and then watching them experience success for the very first time.

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