Dating a sports enthusiast is an experience like no other

happy sports fans watching a game

The world of dating throws up many different experiences throughout your lifetime. Each partner that you end up developing a bond with brings their own strengths and weaknesses that help shape the person that you become. The experiences you share together form the memories that you can look back on and laugh at, cry at and shake your head at when you reflect on your life in your later years. Very few dating partners you will ever have though will deliver an experience as unforgettable as that which the sports fanatic can provide.

Be prepared to come in second on occasion


It’s quite the shock when the first big sports event is on the TV and your partner sits himself down in his supporter gear to watch the big game. You’ll learn a few lessons here. Firstly, don’t dare get between your partner and the TV you’ll instantly have your head bitten off for disturbing the action. Secondly, any questions you may have for your partner will go unanswered as they become fully absorbed in the action. Thirdly, weekend plans will have to be scheduled around the team playing, it doesn’t really matter what the occasion is either. Wedding, engagement party, funeral….. you’ll have to compromise.

Be ready to fall in love with the team


You effectively have two options when dating a sports fan. Dump them or embrace the team. This has a great benefit of being able to share a common interest with your partner that’ll create a lot of great moments. The downside is that you are going to need a new wardrobe. Be prepared to fork out cash for a jersey, hat or sweater so that you and your partner can both advertise your love of the team.

Sports fanatics know what it is like to be supportive


One of the major benefits of dating a sports fanatic is the fact that the know how to be supportive. There is nothing worse than being in a relationship with a partner who is not supportive and understanding. The one thing you’ll get from a sports fan is the understanding and care that they understand through their experiences of being disappointed as a fan of a team. This gives them an  insight into what it is like to feel down and is the huge benefit that they can provide you where other partners can often fail.

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