Do You Know That Some Active Girls Like Skinny Guys

Before we start the discussion on why some active girls like skinny guys its critical to understand that being skinny doesn’t mean some kind of disorder or illness. Being obsessed and overweight is considered as a disorder because person’s attitude towards life and bad lifestyle but being skinny can because of the high metabolic rate and maybe because of the active lifestyle that required the person stays lean and skinny.

Let’s understand why do some girls like skinny guys.

Because skinny doesn’t necessary means unfit and weak:

Being skinny doesn’t necessary means that the person is unfit for a relationship or too weak to handle him, there are many sports these days which require the participants to stay skinny and light weighted to perform well.

Not every person want to be a sprinter in their sports career, some people love to be a marathon runner “slow but consistent”. Not only the marathon runners but the cyclists or hikers maintain low body weight which helps in their overall performance.

do girls like skinny guys

Because some girls are more inclined towards the real nature:

Being physically active is a personal priority but that doesn’t make it necessary to love someone who has the same priority. Many active girls are attracted towards the hard work & consistency, and when they find guys with the same consistency for work or their passion then they fall in love with them.

Most of the active women are strong women and they don’t need buffed guys to protect them, most of the girls are looking for a partner who can take care of their needs and love them from the bottom of their heart.

Being a nerd is sexy as well:

Some women have a tendency to get attracted towards intelligence; these women never care about the shape and size of the body. While this whole world seems like a rat race, some women are still attracted towards genuine people. here are some of the basic reasons why some Hot women tend to tall in love with nerds instead of a guy with a great body.

  • Active men women are not attracted towards active bodies, they are attracted towards passion and dedication, while some of the women are just attracted towards passionate nerd.
  • While most of the bodybuilders tend to develop arrogance, most of the non-bodybuilders are great partners because of their down to earn nature and humble approach towards everything.
  • Sometimes financial independence is at the top of the priority and no matter whether you are thin or fat, if you are financially independent hot cheeks will love you.

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