Another exciting week of NHL Hockey has passed. Teams like the Rangers and Blues are streaking while the Blue Jackets and Wild are sinking. Below are our rankings for the past week.

Rank Team Analysis
1 Nashville Predators Highest winning percentage in the league, top team in the Western Conference. No reason this team should not be ranked #1.
2 Anaheim Ducks This team continues to win, tied for the league lead in points.
3 Chicago Blackhawks Nice wins over Minnesota this week, however,this team can’t lose to the Edmonton Oilers, even if it was a on the second half of a back-to-back. They dropped a spot due to the loss.
4 New York Islanders Have won 4 of 7 games on latest road trip, solidifying their status as a top team in the league.
5 Tampa Bay Lightning Riding a 3 game win streak as of 1/12.
6 St. Louis Blues Demolished Arizona and San Jose, and squeaked out a win against Carolina this last week, they definitely deserved a bump up in the rankings.
7 Pittsburgh Penguins Slow week for the Pens last week, nice win against a tough Montreal team.
8 New York Rangers Have not lost in their first 4 games in 2015.
9 Montreal Canadiens Also had few games last week, their loss to the Pens stings and has resulted in a drop in their rank.
10 Washington Capitals Big win against Detroit over the weekend.
11 Detroit Red Wings Took care of the teams from Alberta but had a tough loss to Washington on Saturday.
12 Florida Panthers Had a successful road trip, highlighted by defeating Roberto Luongo’s former team, the Canucks.
13 Boston Bruins Three wins last week bumps them up a few spots, especially since one of the wins was against the Penguins.
14 Winnipeg Jets 50% success rate against their SoCal foes over the weekend, at least they got 3 out of 4 points against the Kings and Ducks.
15 Los Angeles Kings Only played two games last week and lost both the result, a drop in the rankings,
16 San Jose Sharks Winning 2 out of 3 on a road trip through the Central Fivision isn’t bad, except the 1 loss was a 7-2 shellacking.
17 Vancouver Canucks Solid win against the Isles on Tuesday is followed up by duds against Florida and Calgary.
18 Dallas Stars Lost all 3 games last week, they dropped 4 spots in the power rankings.
19 Calgary Flames Collected their first win of 2015 against Vancouver, however they remain in the 19th spot.
20 Toronto Maple Leafs Fired coach Carlyle last week, the product on the ice has not changed nor has their rank.
21 Colorado Avalanche Won all 3 games last week including a game against Chicago has moved them up the ranks.
22 Ottawa Senators 5-1 win against the ‘Yotes last week was their only highlight.
23 Columbus Blue Jackets Big drop in the standings this week, following losses of 5-2 in back-to-back nights.
24 Philadelphia Flyers Won 2 of 3 last week, though it required extra time in both. Still they earned a jump in the rankings.
25 New Jersey Devils Scott Gomez scored against the Isles last week, pretty much the only good news for the Devils.
26 Minnesota Wild Not a good week for the Wild, going winless and allowing at least 3 goals in every game.
27 Arizona Coyotes Home losses against the Blues and Sens and outscored 11-1 in the 2 losses, this team is going nowhere.
28 Carolina Hurricanes They beat Buffalo 5-2 for their only win of the week.
29 Edmonton Oilers Hey, they beat Chicago last week, that merits a bump up in the standings.
30 Buffalo Sabres Buffalo is halfway home to the Connor McDavid sweepstakes, which may be the only thing for which they are playing.

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