Our pick of the best baseball movies to help you get through the offseason

No doubt, if the heartbeat of America is a sport it would be Baseball, Americans passion for baseball is extraordinary and every fan deserves to watch the legendary movies based on baseball in the offseason.

Let’s talk about some of the extraordinary movies based on baseball that you should be watching this season.

Bull Durham 

A journey through the minor league and a love triangle of two players Crash Davis and Nuke LaLoosh. It is definitely one of the most entertaining movies based on baseball which gives you the essence of romance and comedy while two guys pursue their goal to be a better player. Costner and Susan Sarandon hold this film that does its share to produce a love for the game and the people who praise it.


The movie has been nominated for the Oscar for its incredible performance of its cast and compelling script. The movie is based on the book Moneyball launched in 2003, which focuses on the Oakland A’s general manager who has his share of impact on the game.  Billy Beane changes the way baseball used to be played and brought the new mathematical approach to improve the performance and quality. As the washed-up GM, Brad Pitt’s chemistry with geeky and unconfident assistant Peter Brand was the greatest movement of the drama.

Eight Men Out

If you are looking for an intense drama then you should definitely choose this movie, its based on a sad story of the players back in 1919 who are not getting enough paid to pay their daily bills. The story revolves around the infamous Black Sox scandal involving the legendary Shoeless Joe Jackson and his Chicago White Sox teammates who accepted bribes and the sad story about the betrayal of teammates who were forced to live with disgrace because of their actions.

The Natural

The Natural did very well in a theater and nabbed few Oscar nominations as well. Its a story about a naturally gifted baseball player who has been shot by women on his way to Chicago club tryout, he spends many years to recover from his injuries and emotional barriers to make a comeback as a middle age rookie for the New York Knights

The Rookie

One of the most heart touching story anyone can watch, and its based on a true life story of Jim Morris.

Dennis Quaid stars as a high school baseball manager in Texas, who is able to motivate the students and bring the heat. His students convince him to try out for the big league if the team qualifies to the playoff. Rest is history! When Dennis try out for the big league and pursue his dream to be a Rookie while being a 35 year old.  

You should definitely watch this movie if you are looking for the motivation in life.

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