The Carolina Panthers Delivered, Newton Must Do The Same

You wanted it and now you go it. This has nothing to do with the insane amount of money he just received (maybe a little) but Cam Newton just inherited $100 million+ reasons to invest in Excedrin. He was already he leader of the franchise but now he is the recruiter, scapegoat, and lone resident on star island. He is everything he thought he was and now the Panthers are paying him to be more. They need him to be the savior.

The last two seasons the Panthers have made the playoffs as the NFC South Division Champions, the first time that has been done in division history. Last season they reached the second round after defeating the Arizona Cardinals but ran into the Seattle Seahawks and that was all she wrote for 2014. Maybe the blame can be placed on the lack of receivers, O-Line blocking, defense or coaching but if you look at the QB’s numbers you will see where some of the blame needs to go. Newton has passed for 711 yards in three playoff games while completing 61 percent oh his passes while totaling five TD’s and five INT’S. These are average numbers at best but this was BEFORE he signed this elite status contract.

That signature on that dotted line means that he must improve those numbers in the playoffs. With the way they played last season he has to make sure they make the playoffs consistently. The Panthers brass sure thinks that he can lead them. The defense is stocked from top to bottom so the pressure is squarely on the offense to produce. Newton has not been blessed with the most talented stable of weapons throughout his career in Carolina but he still has managed to put up career numbers of 14,000+ yards passing, 84 TD’s (passing) 2,500+ yards rushing, 33 TD’s (rushing) and a completion percentage of 60 percent. He has done his part in the regular season but wining goes beyond those 16 games.

What goes on in the regular season means noting if you can’t lead your team to the Super Bowl. The Panthers have become a fixture in the playoffs the last two years and with their advancement to the second round they have took a step closer in the growth department. The success of their season is tied to the success of Newton. If he struggles then so does the team. Was he deserved of this contract? That yet remains to be seen but it’s too late now to debate, it’s already done. But when comparing his success to a few other top name QB’s he has done more so I guess he did deserve it.

Now that he got the money will he deliver? There are too many good regular season QB’s in the NFL, the Panthers need Newton to be the best postseason QB. Can he be that guy is the 100 million dollar question.

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