The Cincinnati Bengals are trying to prove a point, that point is that the last three years is not this year. They are playing with as a top notch team in all facets, offense, defense and special team.

Let’s begin with the offense. The O-line hasn’t given up a sack in the first three games and they continue to open up holes for the running backs while keeping defenders out of Andy’s face. The two-headed monster with Hill and Gio have combined for a 100 yards the last two games and they have been in the end zone each game.

Now we come to Andy Dalton. The guy who got his money in the offseason that led to everyone being mad in Cincinnati. But let’s give him his credit. He hasn’t made all the mistakes he did last year. He is playing smart football, not putting his team in bad positions or making costly mistakes.

Now to the defense.  They have played lights out, causing turnovers and sacking the quarterback. They make great quarterback’s look average and quite possibly  could be the best defense in the NFL. The secondary which was supposed to be a problem has been a strength so far. Last but not least can we give the coaching staff a standing ovation because Hue and Paul have brought there A game. Hue has managed a strong running game to take some pressure off od Dalton and that plan has worked with great success. I am very proud of this team and what they have done, let see if they can keep it up.

I am the beat writer for the Cincinnati bengals I’m 23 I live in Cincinnati Ohio

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