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Will the real Tony Romo standup? That is if you still can after being sacked 4 times by a fired up defensive line of the Philadelphia Eagles. Now at 6-0 on Thanksgiving Day, the Eagles flew into Dallas to give the Cowboys something to be thankful for. An outcome that could have been a lot worse!!

You have probably heard by now that Romo’s back is a big issue, but I ask you, did Tony give up 33 points on offense? 256 total rushing yards against the home team? Sacked 4 times? Exactly what message were the Eagles trying to send to the Cowboys? Message heard, loud and clear, for Eagles fans!!! 33-10. Here’s what I’m thinking… a couple of weeks, Dallas will be in Philadelphia and everything should be all better by then right? It will be plenty of time to rebound and heal.

NOT A CHANCE BROTHER!!! Your entering hostile territory and we all know what happens when 69,176 plus fans are there to support the Eagles!!

Bring on Seattle!!!

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