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Since being formed twelve years ago the NFC South has been a powerhouse division. Its teams have won two Super Bowls, been to another and lost in the NFC Championship three times. Each team has won the division three times. There has been a lot of parity within the division as every year a different team has finished first. This year the division has turned into a parody as the Falcons and Saints are tied for the division lead with a paltry 4-7 record. The last place Bucs are only two games off the pace with an underwhelming two victories.

The Saints who were a Super Bowl favorite coming into the season have underachieved. The Falcons started off good but have proven inconsistent. The Panthers defense which was a stalwart last year has struggled. The Bucs came into the season with a new coach and high hopes have been hit hard by injuries and inconsistency. This has led to what could be the worst division winner in the history of the NFL.

Lets say one of these teams manages to win at least two more games to win the division with a 6-10 record. Being a division winner means hosting a playoff game.  Now we get into what if territory, what if this team wins that playoff game at home and advances to the next round. Then goes on the road and wins again. Now they are in the NFC championship. Again bucking improbable odds they win that game and make it to the Super Bowl. Can you imagine a 6-10 team playing in the championship? The two week hype would be hilarious. The experts trying to explain how such an awful team can make it to the big game. It would be the Cinderella story of all time.

Now imagine a six win team winning the Super Bowl. Don’t laugh it could happen this year.


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