Philbin 2

Another move that leaves Miami Dolphin fans scratching there heads in Owners Stephen Ross’s contract extention to current Head coach Joe Philbin. Now the deal has not been set in stone as of yet, but an earlier report by the PhinSiders has leaked the information.

Miami may have alterior motives in this signing tho. In the beginning of 2011 Miami signed then head coach Tony Sparano to a extention and then fired him mid season after expectations were far from even being sniffed. Is this a leverage move? Lets say Philbin exceeds expectations this season, that the Dolphins not only make the playoffs but even advance in them that would give Philbin leverage towards what could be a contract deal after his current one expires. This could potentially save Miami in the long run, all beit they could also fire Philbin like they did with Sparano and finish paying out that year of the contract and start over.

Since Jimmy Johnson, there has been 2 head coaches to take Miami to the playoffs. Yes, just 2; Dave Wannstedt and Tony Sparano. Wannstedt(2000-2004) was 42-31 and even tho he did get a playoff win thats not all the good he was responsible for. He was beloved for bringing Ricky Williams to Miami. Wannstedt resigned in 2004 after a 1-8 start to the season, Jim Bates was named interim coach. After the Wannstedt years and Bates experiment we had a run of pretenders in the sunshyne state.

Nick Saban(2005-2006) was 15-17 before retreating to Alabama. Cam Cameron (2007) was 1-15 and was the cause for Bill Parcells to be brought in. Parcells was not head coach but was the man who hired Sparano, reversed fortune(even though it was just for 1 season) by helping guide Miami to a 11-5 year. Then like the past bailed and left Sparano to sink this team faster than the Titantic.

Sparano was the only person i ever seen celebrate a 3 point field goal like a SuperBowl celebration.

Miami fired Sparano and appointed interim coach Todd Bowles who hada 2-1 record. The same Todd Bowles who will most likely be a head coach next season after being DC of the Arizona Cardinals and keeping them ranked in the top 5 in total defense.

And Miami ended up with Philbin. Many would say Philbin got the job because he was able to work wonders with the Green Bay Packers, but come on who couldnt put up points with Aaron Rodgers and Co. Miami was desperate and Philbin was a consolation prize.

Maybe this is a good thing. By allowing Philbin to continue coaching his philosophys and another year in this system the team could finally get over the hump. Philbin and GM Dennis Hickey and new comer Mike Tannebaum need a strong draft and a above average free agent class to make this work.

Whether or not you like or dislike this move its happening. Philbin will be here for at least one more season. If your anti Philbin pray Miami under acheives. One things for sure Stephen Ross is set on this move. He needs focus to renovate the stadium and the Philbin extention frees him up to do so. #Phins UP

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