Just half-a-day officially into the New York Jets off-season, there already has been catastrophic changes to the team. It has been a popular theme as of late, players returning to their former teams, we saw it with LeBron James this past summer. But you haven’t seen anything yet, Darrelle Revis, 6 time pro-bowler could be headed back home. Originally when former GM John Idzik was at the helm, he was presented the opportunity to bring back Darrelle Revis. To be honest, it would have made him a hero, a genius, being able to trade the perennial all-pro for multiple draft selections. Grabbing Sheldon Richarson with one of those picks, who just 2 years in looks like a future pro-bowler himself. That could have changed the entire 2014 season for the New York Jets, but he decided against it. Originally, fans and the media alike assumed the reason the New York Jets passed on Darrelle Revis this past off-season. Was because of owner Woody Johnson not wanting to get back in the scenario of butting heads with potential future contract holdouts.

In his Monday news conference, where owner Woody Johnson officially announced the firings of Head Coach Rex Ryan & GM John Idzik. He discussed how the decision to pass on former Jet Darrelle Revis, was not a decision he played a part in. Woody Johnson left the door open for the possibility for a reunion with one of the greatest players in New York Jets franchise history:

“Darrelle is a great layer and if I thought I cold have gotten Darrelle for that, I probably would’ve taken him,” Johnson referring to the one-year (2nd year option) deal that Revis signed with the Patriots last spring. “And it was our best judgment to do what we did. Darrelle’s a great player, I’d love for Darrelle to come back.”

In other words, the decision to pass on Revis was 100% on former GM John Idzik and a main reason ‘former’ is now his title. Because of Idzik’s reluctant spending strategy, the New York Jets will not be short on cash this offseason. With the inevitably of Darrelle Revis yet again hitting the open market with a $20 million dollar cap hit for 2015. We could be witnessing a New York Jets family reunion, Revis said that he’d cherish a return home before signing with the hated-Patriots. This could be the story-book reunion that you can only find in fairy tales.

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