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Well fans,
The NFL will be starting up again soon and the teams are on the gridiron for training camp. Now to see what the season has in store.
My predictions will be that under Eli Manning the Giants will definitely not win the division this year as they will be plagued by injuries by some of their better players. As a Giants fan it hurts me to say that the Washington Redskins will take the division as they have already taken their blow for the season by having to get rid of their trademark.

Sean Payton and the Saints will be in the top 3 of the division, as well as San Fran and the Broncos. The teams I think we will have to watch out for that will make an impression this year will be the Carolina Panthers and, along with the Chicago Bears, and the Cincinnati Bengals, maybe even Detroit Lions. The teams that won’t be a threat that will have a few upset wins this year will be Miami, Buffalo, Colts, and the Browns.

I have been on social media sites reading peoples predictions and rankings of teams and some I agree with and others I don’t. As far as Miami going 7-9 this season as prediction by ESPN I predict that they will be more like 4-12 and the Bills will be 3-13. But that is the great thing about Football, any given Sunday or Monday it can be any team’s game as it only takes one bad play by the opposite team. My 2014 Superbowl prediction will be San Fran winning it this year.

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