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Welcome to Truluvsports Week 4 Power Rankings. This is the 1st week of the Bye’s so I tried to keep those teams in either the same spot or rise depending on who lost and won. Lots of movements this week as some teams began to find their way while others still look for an identity. Next week should be fun… Don’t forget we are looking for writers as well….


32. Oakland Raiders (0-4): Put a fork in them. The offense, defense, special teams and coaching staff needs a vacation. Do they switch QB’s, fire the coach or what? This team has found the abyss and now is deciding whether to jump in or not. Last week #30

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-4): The Jags will give you everything they have, which may not be enough but they will not go down without a fight. The Bortles era is officially ready for take-off. Last week #32

30. Tennessee Titans (1-4): The Titans ran into a hot Colts teams and was no match for Luck and Co. What does it say when your 18th string QB is also your leading rusher for the game? Last week#27

29. St. Louis Rams (1-2): Bye week for the Rams was much needed after that collapse against the Cowboys. Time to regroup and get ready for the Eagles. Last week #28

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-3): The Bucs finally put a W in the win column with a come from behind victory against the Steelers. Great win. Can they get an encore next week? Las week #31

27. New York Jets (1-3): By the looks of things in the Big Apple we can expect to see Michael Vick under center pretty soon. Last week #24

26. Washington Redskins (1-3): The Kirk Cousins bandwagon looks a little light this week but it will get crowded once more. The defense looks to be picture taking instead of tackling and Alfred Morris has to be tired from all the heavy lifting. Last week #21

25. New Orleans Saints (1-3): Not my fault the Saints are looking horrible this season. They are just not that good as we have seen so far this season. Last week #19

24. Cleveland Browns (1-2): Cleveland should have refused their Bye week and keep going. This team is one win away from gaining some serious confidence and ripping off a few wins. Last week # 20

23. Miami Dolphins (2-2): Talk about a much needed win. The Fins were dealing with a small QB controversy and handled that but demolishing the Raiders. Last week #26

22. New York Giants (2-2): The Giants told he Redskins and the rest of the NFC East that they are not dead yet. Last week #25

21. Minnesota Vikings (2-2): The Vikes are going thru a few changes at the important positions but yet still managed to squeak out two wins this season. Pretty good considering… Last week #29

20. Atlanta Falcons (2-2): One week after displaying Madden-like skills against the Bucs the Falcons went out and played like a non-Bo Jackson led Tecmo Bowl team in their loss to the Vikings. I don’t understand this team. Last week #14

19. Buffalo Bills (2-2): Could this be the end of any Bills playoff talk? The benching of Manuel might be premature and it could cost the Bills dearly. Last week #9

18. New England Patriots (2-2): These are the same Pats but they aren’t the same Pats. Brady is looking worn down. Last week #15

17. Kansas City Chiefs (2-2): I guess the Chiefs are starting to find their 2013 form after all. Were the Chiefs that good Monday night or were the Pats that bad? Last week #22

16. Carolina Panthers (2-2): Two weeks ago the Panthers were looking like Super Bowl contenders. As long as they stay away from the AFC North teams playoffs will be a lock. Last week #10

15. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2): The Steelers continue their up and down season with a loss to the lowly Bucs. We all have trip ups every now and then. Last week #8

14. Chicago Bears (2-2): I was ready to put the Bears as one of the best on the NFL but then they go and put up a dud against a confused Packers team. Last week #7

13. Green Bay Packers (2-2): Did the Bears awake a sleeping giant? Rodgers and Co looked like their normal selves. Last week #23

12. San Francisco 49ers: Great win for the 49ers against the Eagles last week. How they respond will decide their level of respect from around the league. Last week #18

11. Indianapolis Colts (2-2): The Colts are winning the games they are supposed to win while Luck is having his best year. Last week #17

10. Houston Texans (3-1): Houston Texans (3-1): The Texans improved with a much needed win against the Bills. The defense has kept them in games but if the offense ever decides to play four quarters this could get interesting. Last week #16

9. Dallas Cowboys (3-1): The Cowboys are playing like they want to save jobs. Murray is running like Peterson and the defense has clicked. Last week #13

8. Philadelphia Eagles (3-1): The offense goes thru periods where they stall. The defense goes thru entire games where they stall. Kelly has to find a way to get a perfect game from both at the same time. Last week # 3

7. Detroit Lions (3-1): The Lions have the attention of the top teams in the league. But the question “Haven’t we seen this before” still lingers. Last week #12

6. Baltimore Ravens (3-1): The Ravens haven’t missed a beat without the services of Rice. Steve Smith and Flacco have an outstanding chemistry and the defense is playing lights out. Last week #11

5. San Diego Chargers (3-1): The Chargers are gunning for the top spot and the way they are playing they might get there with a slip up or two from the other teams. Rivers is on target and enjoying team success early on. Last week #6

4. Denver Broncos (2-1): Bye Week for the Broncos as they get ready to take on the Cardinals. Last week #5

3. Seattle Seahawks (2-1): Bye Week for the Champs as they get ready to take on the Redskins. Last week #3

2. Arizona Cardinals (3-0): Bye Week for the Cardinals as they get ready to take on the Broncos. Last week #2

1. Cincinnati Bengals (3-0): Bye Week for the Bengals as they get ready to take on the Pats. Last week #1


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