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It was announced not but a few days ago that the St. Louis Rams are expected to bring back QB Sam Bradford for his 6th NFL season. Bradford has not seen any regular season action since week 7 of the 2013 season.

Bringing Sam Bradford back to take the offensive reigns again entering his 6th season isn’t the most exciting thing for Rams fans who have seen Sam Bradford miss a lot more time than hoped as he has not been able to shake the injury bug.

Hang in there Rams fans, bringing back Bradford is a great option for the Rams and the future of the St. Louis Rams franchise.

For starters, Sam Bradford knows the offense. And I’m not talking about the scheme (Many Rams fans are hoping for Brian Schottenheimer’s departure) I’m talking about the players. Sure he may not know them all that well. He’s only played about 6 and a half games with Tavon Austin on the roster, but he still did have a training camp and a couple of preseason drives. Sure that’s not a lot but it’s more than a free agent or rookie has with any of the Rams wide receivers, many who have only played for the Rams in their career, save for Kenny Britt.

Can we really expect that a rookie QB would do better next season than Sam Bradford? I’d venture to say no to that considering Bradford does have NFL experience. Albeit just a little bit considering the length of his career. A rookie will need to come in and learn everything from scratch. He would have to learn the coaches, the scheme, the players, and the NFL level game in general. I’m not exactly against rookie QBs and there’s no reason that a rookie wouldn’t succeed in this offense, but I think we can all agree that it would be a lot more comforting seeing a guy who has at least a few NFL wins under his belt.

Not only would it be difficult for a rookie to come in and start in the NFL with what’s already the youngest team in the league, but it also appears that there are no Andrew Lucks in this class. No clear cut guy that if you want a QB you get him. There are however a lot of guys like Zach Mettenberger, Jake Locker, and RGIII. So why spend a top pick on a guy who may or may not be the real deal when you know what you have with Sam Bradford (skill wise, not health.) Sure Sam is reluctant to throw the deep ball but we have seen a version of Bradford who will air it deep, he just needs to build trust with his receivers. Chris Givens, Danny Amendola, and Danario Alexander are all players who were beneficiaries of the Bradford deep ball. It’s hard to think a rookie could come in and air it out with the same level of trust.

Also keep in mind that Bradford has still not played with a Tavon Austin who could be a factor in the run game and also has never played with an emerged Brian Quick. The Quick that Bradford saw was slow and timid and had little to no confidence.

So say the Rams go towards free agency to look for a QB. Well that could be an option, but who’s even going to be available? Brian Hoyer? Mark Sanchez? Christian Ponder? Do you take these guys over Sam Bradford? It doesn’t exactly sound like a winning recipe to me. Hoyer maybe being the best of those players who also just got benched for Johnny Manziel.

The St. Louis Rams will benefit from bringing back Sam Bradford.

I do however believe that Sam Bradford does need to be supplemented with a rookie QB, just not a first round pick. A guy who could be sitting on the board in the third round is Bryce Petty from Baylor University. Petty could be a great option to have as a back up to Sam Bradford and who could possibly step in if, God forbid, Sam Bradford got hurt again.

Of all the QBs that the Rams will have access to next season, Sam Bradford gives the Rams the best chance to win heading into the 2015 NFL season.

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