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St. Louis Rams define season in finale

Green Bay Packers v St Louis Rams
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It’s been one heck of a year Rams fans. A lot of ups and downs. The St. Louis Rams were able to take down some of the NFL’s elite teams but also were taken down by some of the NFL’s bottom feeders.

In the St. Louis Rams final game of the season, they lost to the Seattle Seahawks by a final score of 20-6. It wasn’t just the fact that they became 2-12 in Seattle since the Seahawks have come to the NFC West, it was how it happened. It perfectly defined the Rams entire season.

The Good:

The St. Louis Rams were able to hand the Seattle Seahawks their first scoreless quarter since 2011. The Rams defense was all over the place in the first half. Stopping Marshawn Lynch, pressuring Russell Wilson, forcing the offense into mistakes. It was great, really fun to watch. The defense played in the first half how we expect them to play week in and week out. Tre Mason was able to gain some momentum in the 4th quarter, Kenny Britt had a little streak that would excite any fan, but overall, There were only so many good things that happened in this game. Much like the overall feel of the Rams season.

The Bad:

The St. Louis Rams surrendered 20 second half points to the Seahawks. 2 field goals in the 3rd quarter, and 2 touchdowns in the 4th. At one point, the Rams had gained just 6 yards on 4 consecutive drives. Brian Schottenheimer still lacks the ability to adjust to what the defense is giving him and it’s easy to see how much the Rams offensive production falls off when starting the second half. This was just another game that this happened in.

The Ugly:

The ugly part of this game were to absurd turnovers. It just seems fitting that the Rams would turn the ball over the way they did on this day in this season. Shaun Hill was attempting to throw the ball at the feet of Tre Mason to throw the ball away without getting intentional grounding, and instead one of the Seattle defensive linemen fell to the ground and was able to intercept the ball. Another interception on Hill occurred when Lance Kendricks tried to haul in a pass and was hit from behind. The ball fell into the waiting arms of a Seattle defender who returned the interception for a touchdown. Finally, the last turnover came when Benny Cunningham was diving for the endzone. A fairly routine situation. When Benny pushed the football towards the endzone in an effort to score, the ball was hit out of his hands and rolled out of the side of the endzone. By rule that is a touch back and Seattle football.

It was a hard game to watch for Rams fans. The offense still can’t get the ball down the field despite having weapons such as Tre Mason, Tavon Austin, and Kenny Britt. The Rams defense put out a valiant effort but ultimately could not do enough for the Rams to win. The St. Louis Rams defense spent far too much time on the field with the offenses inability to maintain drives. First order of business this off-season will be for the front office to make some decisions on the offensive side of the ball. Whether it be coaching or something else, Rams fans don’t deserve that kind of offensive production.

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