Well all signs are indicating that Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn is the leading candidate to become the next head coach of the New York Jets.

“The New York Daily News reports the Jets are Seahawks DC Dan Quinn’s “top choice,” and there is “strong” reason to believe the feeling is mutual.”

With that being said there is a lot of mixed reactions from the New York Jets fan-base with their flirtations with Dan Quinn. Half the fans dislike Dan Quinn solely on the grounds that he is defensive oriented. So let me get this straight, as soon as the New York Jets fired Rex Ryan, we eliminated half the candidates because Rex was the best defensive mind out there and bringing anyone else in would be a downgrade? That’s ridiculous, the New York Jets need to find the best man for the job regardless of his affiliation to the offensive or defensive side of the football.

Let’s break down this potential hire for the New York Jets and what it could mean for this struggling franchise.

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