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Our 5th and Goal crew decided it was time to take power rankings into our own hands and give you our rankings from top to bottom. The NFL is a pesky creature to analyze but I think we have the tools to do just that. There is no such thing as a perfect Power Ranking but we try our best every week, thanks for reading.

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Joe Branham - New York Jets (2-11). The Jets have yet to show any real promise that they can get it done.

Mark Wilson - Tennessee Titans (2-11): You lose to the Giants who just lost to the Jags, enough said.

Paul Esden- Tennessee Titans (2-11): I’ve hated you guys all season, why should I start now?

Joey Carroll- Tennessee Titans(2-11): underwhelmed all season with no light at the end of the tunnel.



Joe Branham - Jacksonville Jaguars (2-11). The Jags just lack the winners mentality.

Mark Wilson - Jacksonville Jaguars (2-11): They have the heart of a .500 or above team, but the talent level of a 2-11 team.

Paul Esden- Jacksonville Jaguars (2-11): This isn’t unexpected by any means, especially when you go into the season with Chad Henne at quarterback. A lot of promise for the future, but currently they’re a bottom 3 team in the league.

Joey Carroll- New York Jets(2-11): Even when this team does well their bad, question is how long after he gets fired before a team picks up Rex Ryan as the D coordinator.



Joe Branham - Washington Redskins (3-10). I know it’s harsh to put teams with worse records below the Skins, but after what I saw last week, it’s hard to think this team is higher than 30.

Mark Wilson - New York Jets (2-11): Two QB’s that can’t throw, two RB’s that can’t hit a hole and WR’s that can’t catch air. Oh yeah, blame Rex Ryan.

Paul Esden- Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-11): A team many thought would be competing for an NFC South crown, 14 weeks later… Lovie Smith will get his quarterback next year, you can’t win with McCown.

Joey Carroll- Oakland Raiders(2-11): You beat the Chiefs for your first win then get trounced by St Louis? This team has no identity and Tony Sparano will not make it any better.



Joe Branham - Tampa Bay (2-11). Tampa Bay is getting some pieces together, but it’s not happening this year.

Mark Wilson - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-11): The bottom feeders of the worst division in the NFL. That sums it up right there.

Paul Esden- Oakland Raiders (2-11). Oakland, oh Oakland, again another team that in my mind had one of the best drafts this past year, and it has shown in spurts. But it’s still the Oakland Raiders let’s be real.

Joey Carroll- Tampa Bay Buccaneers(2-11): This team is the best of the 2-11 teams and that is not saying much



Joe Branham - Oakland Raiders (2-11). Oakland had a huge rebound this week. They made the 49ers look like they are in serious trouble. And they might be, that’s why I can’t put Oakland higher.

Mark Wilson - Oakland Raiders (2-11): The Raiders are trying to win games to keep the Rams out of LA.

Paul Esden- New York Jets (2-11). I guess I can’t put it off anymore, my Jets are horrible, I had hopes for playoffs and reality slapped me in the face. The New York Jets have a lot of holes beyond the quarterback situation, and it has shown this season.

Joey Carroll- Washington Redskins(3-10): When your 3rd string quarterback gives you the best chance to win, there’s serious problems.



Joe Branham - Tennessee Titans (2-11). This Titans team is pretty weak. It doesn’t look like they’re trying very hard.

Mark Wilson - Washington Redskins (3-10): It’s a mess in D.C. and we haven’t discussed the NFL team there yet. Dan Snyder is bad luck.

Paul Esden- New York Giants (4-9). Eli Manning is terrible, he stays relevant from his past glory days in the Super Bowl, same as Coughlin. But the NFL is a business on what you can do for me today, and the only thing Eli can do for me today is throw interceptions. The only thing consistent about Eli is that he consistently throws interceptions. Rant Over, Giants suck.

Joey Carroll- New York Giants(4-9): So many problems with this team, is Coughlin gone? Does the front office still believe in Eli? Questions will be answered this off season.



Joe Branham - New York Giants (4-9). The Giants defense is killing them. Beckham can’t do it alone.

Mark Wilson - New York Giants - (4-9): How else are you supposed to play after getting beat by the Jags the previous week?

Paul Esden- Washington Redskins (3-10): RG3 has regressed, the rest of the team isn’t as good as we thought it was. Jay Gruden could be one-and-done in Washington. That pretty much sums this one up.

Joey Carroll- Chicago Bears(5-8): So much offensive firepower and this team can’t produce. Coaching staff exit left.



Joe Branham - Chicago Bears (5-8). The Bears can’t win at home. That’s not a good sign.

Mark Wilson - Chicago Bears (5-8): With Marshall out, Cutler will now make a 1,000 yard receiver out of one of the cheerleaders.

Paul Esden- Minnesota Vikings (6-7): Without Adrian Peterson this could be expected, I’m surprised how many wins this team has. Again another team with a bevy of talent, but they aren’t ready for the limelight.

Joey Carroll- New Orleans Saints(5-8): After that shellacking that Carolina gave this team there officially done this year, even though the division is up for grabs.



Joe Branham - New Orleans Saints (5-8). The Saints also can’t seem to win at home. Or do much of anything at home for that matter.

Mark Wilson - New Orleans Saints (5-8): How do you invite company over, then get beat up and put out your own house?

Paul Esden- San Francisco 49ers (7-6). Some may say that this is a pretty low ranking for a team that is 7-6, well this is my power rankings so I’ll put them where I want lol. But this 49ers team fell way below expectations and with a purge of sorts coming with Harbaugh and management this team could be on the verge of a rebuild.

Joey Carroll- Carolina Panthers(4-8-1): From last season till now this teams has done a complete 180, yet are still in contention to win their division.



Joe Branham - Carolina Panthers (4-8-1). Beating the Saints in their dome isn’t much of a feat anymore. Still a four win team.

Mark Wilson - Carolina Panthers (4-8-1): What a way to get back on track against a division rival at that. Still a long way to go.

Paul Esden- New Orleans Saints (5-8): Another team that has fallen well short of expectations, after that Carolina beat down I don’t this is a playoff team. Regardless we won’t be seeing a NFC South victory in the playoffs mark my words.

Joey Carroll- Altanta Falcons(5-8): This team has so much talent offensively and injury’s kill them every year.



Joe Branham - San Francisco 49ers (7-6). The 49ers are in big trouble. They’ve got a rough go at it if they want to end the season above .500.

Mark Wilson - Atlanta Falcons (5-8): There needs to be a bylaw that says you can’t go to the playoffs with a sub .500 record.

Paul Esden- Carolina Panthers (4-8-1). The reigning NFC South champs won’t need a 12-4 record this year to lock it up. I think the Panthers are going to take the division title, but this team hasn’t played to their potential all season long.

Joey Carroll- Minnesota Vikings(6-7): This team played better then I thought, plus the Adrian Peterson fiasco… Did like seeing Teddy Bridgewater flashes though.



Joe Branham - Minnesota Vikings (6-7). The Vikings are clinging on to dear life in the playoff hunt, but with the inexperience on this team it doesn’t look likely they’ll hang on much longer.

Mark Wilson - Minnesota Vikings (6-7): The Vikes have finally found their QB, now a solid ground game and true #1 receiver would put them on the map.

Paul Esden- Atlanta Falcons (5-8): The Falcons major need in the off-season wasn’t addressed properly, they talked about it in the Hard-knocks this team needed to get tougher on the trenches. That is this team’s weakness they can’t protect their franchise signal caller & their defense has been atrocious.

Joey Carroll- San Francisco 49ers (7-6): This team is utterly disappointing, now they’re offering there coach for future picks…SMH.



Joe Branham - Miami Dolphins (7-6). Miami is one of those teams that doesn’t seem to like playing late in the season.

Mark Wilson - Kansas City Chiefs (7-6): The Chiefs are beginning to play like themselves again, they waited till the end to do this, wow.

Paul Esden- Miami Dolphins (7-6). I’ve been hearing Dolphins fans chirping all year that they’re returning to the playoffs. Oh are they now? Are they? …Are they? Dolphins having another late season collapse go figure…

Joey Carroll- Buffalo Bills (7-6): Between inconsistent quarterback play and injury’s to skill players- this season was a let down.



Joe Branham - Cleveland Browns (7-6). The Browns have been so great all season that it’s making them too stubborn to bench the guy that’s holding them back. As long as Hoyer is the QB, this team can’t go much higher.

Mark Wilson - Cleveland Browns (7-6): The Browns have confirmed a QB change for their biggest game of the season, sorry Hoyer but this puts the nail in the coffin on your season and career with the Browns.

Paul Esden- Houston Texans (7-6): Well Houston did a little more than we thought they would this season. JJ Watt has been phenomenal, but the quarterback play has been inconsistent.

Joey Carroll- Cleveland Browns (7-6): Manziel is finally the Browns starter. This could be the beginning of the end… and I’m a Manziel fan.



Joe Branham - Buffalo Bills (7-6). This Bills team held their own in Denver. They did a great job, but failed to do what they’re best at, sack the QB.

Mark Wilson -  San Francisco 49ers (7-6): The 49ers season is officially over after that embarrassing defeat to the Raiders. Elite team my a**.

Paul Esden- St. Louis Rams (6-7). Sorry Joe, regardless of how good this Rams team is, they’re still 6-7. Records aren’t everything, but like the great Bill Parcells once said, “You’re are, what your record says you are.”

Joey Carroll- Houston Texans (7-6): Nobody gave this team any credit outside of Houston, JJ Watt is a beast and the future looks bright.



Joe Branham - Cincinnati Bengals (8-4-1). It doesn’t look good for the Bengals to get blown out like that at home.

Mark Wilson - Miami Dolphins (7-6): The Dolphins still have a slim shot at the playoffs, this is a do or die game.

Paul Esden- Cleveland Browns (7-6). My fingers are crossed that Johnny Football can lead this Browns team to the playoffs, it’d be cool to see it’s been a while. Browns are definitely in the hunt, we’ll see if they can get it done.

Joey Carroll- Miami Dolphins(7-6): My Dolphins are repeating the same thing as last year, must wins and they don’t show up… it hurts even with the bleak playoff hope. #PHINSUP



Joe Branham - Atlanta Falcons (5-8). Even at such a low record, this team has been bringing the heat. I’m looking for them to begin to run this division the rest of the season. Just a 6-point loss @ Green Bay doesn’t hurt.

Mark Wilson - Buffalo Bills (7-6): Tough defeat at the hands of the Broncos but the Bills always seem to bounce back.

Paul Esden- Buffalo Bills (7-6): This Bills team reminds me of the Rams, they’re right there with their team, they’re a quarterback and some change away. Ultimately that is what will keep them from notching a playoff spot.

Joey Carroll- Cincinnati Bengals(8-4-1): Not the type of season I expected. thought they would be a AFC championship contender, still got turn around time .



Joe Branham - Houston Texans (7-6). The Houston Watts are finding ways to score. It’s been pretty fun to watch.

Mark Wilson - St. Louis Rams (6-7): The Rams are on a mission the latter part of the season as they look to keep their shutout streak going.

Paul Esden- Cincinnati Bengals (8-4-1). The Bengals another team that has been inconsistent, they’ll have a chance to redeem themselves after allowing 25 unanswered to end the game against Pittsburgh. Is it too little to late?

Joey Carroll- St. Louis rams(6-7): This team will be scary with a legit QB and a big body receiver. The NFC needs to start thinking twice when they play this squad.



Joe Branham - Kansas City Chiefs (7-6). I’m definitely looking for this Chiefs team to rebound after a heart breaker to Arizona.

Mark Wilson - Houston Texans (7-6): You see Giants, this is how you beat the Jags.

Paul Esden- Kansas City Chiefs (7-6): The Chiefs could be back in the playoffs, they’ve got the right recipe, but they need to start stringing together wins or they could be on the outside looking in.

Joey Carroll- Kansas City Chiefs( 7-6): Even with a playoff berth, can this team make noise in the playoffs? The Magic 8 ball says outcome is bleak.



Joe Branham - St. Louis Rams (6-7). The St. Louis Rams are easily the best team that won’t make the playoffs. They might be the best 6-7 team in the history of the NFL.

Mark Wilson - Cincinatti Bengals (8-4-1): A few bad games here and there but still sitting in first place in the rough AFC North.

Paul Esden- Baltimore Ravens (8-5) - This AFC North has been fun to watch all season and with a huge win over the Dolphins, this Ravens team could be playoff bound. Steve Smith Sr is the real deal.

Joey Carroll- San Diego Chargers(8-5): This team can be serious when clicking on all cylinders. Can they get there when it matters?



Joe Branham - San Diego Chargers (8-5). The Chargers aren’t a bad team. They got got by Tom Brady and the Patriots last week, but they definitely held their own.

Mark Wilson - San Diego Chargers (8-5): Tough loss for the Bolts as they keep a little faith in postseason play but those are the games they must win to be taken seriously.

Paul Esden- San Diego Chargers (8-5). The Chargers edged the Ravens that is why they’re a spot higher, this Chargers team had the ability to beat the Pats but ultimately fell short. I like Philip Rivers, but this offense needs to be able to consistently put points on the board to win ball games.

Joey Carroll- Pittsburgh Steelers(8-5):  They could be higher but I still haven’t forgiving them after the loss to the Jets.



Joe Branham - Baltimore Ravens (8-5) - This Ravens team has been just keeping up in their division, but they are keeping up, and that’s really what matters. And they get a free game this week.

Mark Wilson - Baltimore Ravens (8-5): The Ravens must put two dominate games up back-to-back or else.

Paul Esden- Detroit Lions(9-4): The Lions don’t look ready especially with their inconsistent running game.

Joey Carroll-  Baltimore Ravens(8-5): After the win over Miami(and crushing my spirit at the same time) Baltimore has prime real estate to make a run into the playoffs.



Joe Branham - Arizona Cardinals (10-3). It feels weird putting a ten win team so low, but they barely beat the Chiefs last week and are blatantly struggling to keep their season from being a disaster.

Mark Wilson - Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5): The hot and cold team of the NFL, one week will score 40+ the next week give up 40+.

Paul Esden- Indianapolis Colts (9-4): This Colts team doesn’t have the quality wins of the other playoff contenders that scares me.

Joey Carroll-Dallas Cowboys(9-4): This will change if they Beat the Eagles…. IF!!



Joe Branham - Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5). The Steelers are a great team waiting to happen. And their running back is playing some phenomenal football.

Mark Wilson - Philadelphia Eagles (9-4): Many teams have faltered against the Seahawks defense but what happened Sunday cannot happen again, you hear me Sanchez?

Paul Esden- Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5): The Steelers have been on and off all season, again after beating the Bengals they seem to have the momentum on their side.

Joey Carroll-Arizona Cardinals(10-3):  It was a matter of time before this team came back down to earth, Still if they can their team to rally they will be fine.



Joe Branham - Philadelphia Eagles (9-4). This Eagles team struggled last week but isn’t done just yet.

Mark Wilson - Dallas Cowboys (9-4): Dallas has a chance to take over the Division if they can redeem themselves with a victory over Philly.

Paul Esden- Philadelphia Eagles (9-4): I think Mark Sanchez is going to come back to earth, bold statement? Eagles may miss the playoffs.

Joey Carroll- Detroit Lions(9-4): Just waiting on Stafford to mess everything up.



Joe Branham - Dallas Cowboys (9-4). Dallas looks pretty good right now. Next week will be huge for them to keep in going.

Mark Wilson - Arizona Cardinals (10-3): I will take the heat from placing them so low but something about this team screams, train-wreck waiting to happen.

Paul Esden- Indianapolis Colts (9-4): This Colts team doesn’t have the quality wins of the other playoff contenders that scares me.

Joey Carroll- Philadelphia Eagles(9-4): Sanchize has yet to ruin things… don’t worry i’ll wait.



Joe Branham - Detroit Lions (9-4). This Lions team is definitely getting the job done. They should be getting ready for a wild card game.

Mark Wilson - Seattle Seahawks (9-4): The Seahawks are the Steelers of the NFC, but don’t sleep on them, remember they are the defending champs.

Paul Esden- Denver Broncos (10-3). Can Peyton win his 2nd ring, in a competitive AFC conference only time will tell.



Joe Branham - Seattle Seahawks (9-4). I know they are second in the division, but they’re playing so much better than a lot of teams right now.

Mark Wilson - Detroit Lions (9-4): This is by far the quietest nine win team I have ever seen.

Paul Esden- New England Patriots (10-3): I don’t like this Patriots team mainly because I’m a Jets fan, but regardless I don’t think Tom Brady has the ‘it’ factor that helped win those Super Bowls over a decade ago.

Joey Carroll-Seattle Seahwaks(9-4): Well there defense is turning up the heat which could spell trouble in the playoffs.



Joe Branham - Denver Broncos (10-3). I like what this Denver defense is doing right now. Not so much on offense.

Mark Wilson - Indianapolis Colts (9-4): All good teams must have those “Damn we almost blew that” game.

Paul Esden- Seattle Seahawks(9-4): This Seahawks team looks like they’re playing their best football, at just the right time.

Joey Carroll- Indianapolis Colts(9-4): Andrew luck is the Man and is carrying this team  ala Peyton Manning style.



Joe Branham - Indianapolis Colts (9-4). This team is winning when they need to win.

Mark Wilson - Denver Broncos (10-3): Just gearing up for the playoffs.

Paul Esden- Arizona Cardinals (10-3): No matter who is playing QB for this team, I like their chances. Defense wins championships.

Joey Carroll-Denver Boncos(10-3): Another playoff run for Manning is equal to another day at the office.



Joe Branham - New England Patriots (10-3): This Patriots team keeps proving that they will compete with anyone.

Mark Wilson - New England Patriots (10-3): They have already booked rooms for the Super Bowl.

Paul Esden- Dallas Cowboys (9-4). Some people may think I’m crazy, but these are my rankings! This Dallas Cowboys team has the potential to go all the way! A healthy Tony Romo & DeMarco Murray running the way he is, I don’t see anyone in the NFC being able to beat this team.

Joey Carroll-New England Patriots(10-3): This team was washed up, overrated huh? Tom Brady was washed up huh? Damn I hate saying this but the Pats are scary.



Joe Branham - Green Bay Packers (10-3): Beating New England solidifies this spot. Even with Atlanta making Monday Night a game.

Mark Wilson - Green Bay Packers (10-3): At what point does the league just cancel the rest of their games for pity of their opponents?

Paul Esden- Green Bay Packers (10-3): I think we’re all in a concurrence here the Green Bay Packers are clearly the best team in football. If they keep playing the way they are Aaron Rodgers could be hoisting his 2nd Lombardi.

Joey Carroll-  Green Bay Packers(10-3) This team is destined to be in Arizona in February.

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