Mizzou stadium

In an article published Feb. 25,  Dan Irwin of Bleacher Report wrote a piece saying the Missouri Tigers is a “national program” when it comes to football.

Irwin immediately cites Missouri’s lack of respect with the Vegas odds despite grabbing top recruits, this year most notably Terry Beckner Jr.

He also brings up the fact that Missouri has won 23 games in the last two seasons. Only Alabama, already considered a national program in terms of football, has been able to eclipse.

The article later goes on to mention head coach Gary Pinkel’s success. Pinkel has won SEC Coach of the Year and Big 12 Coach of the Year in his career. NCAA President Mark Emmert sent a letter in 2013 praising Gary Pinkel and the University’s overall success.

Missouri also tied South Carolina for the highest football-academic-progress-rate score (a score of 980) in 2014.

Read the entire Bleacher Report article here.

Do you agree with Irwin? Should Missouri be considered a top football program, or do they have some improving to do?

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