chicago bears

The Chicago Bears lost to the Dallas Cowboys at home 41-28. Cowboys QB Tony Romo threw three touchdowns and RB DeMarco Murray ran the ball for 179 yards and one touchdown. The Bears’ defense played terrible in all phases especially running. They couldn’t keep up with Dallas’s physicality and it wore them down before the end of the first half. For the second week in a row, head coach Marc Trestman barely ran the ball and this is the main reason he needs to be fired. He doesn’t use common sense in play calling and under utilizes Matt Forte which is unbelievable. Trestman and QB Jay Cutler need to be cut from the Bears franchise after this season ends.

It doesn’t make sense how a coach refuses to use one of the best running backs in the league. Almost every time they ran the ball, it was in a gimmick play which featured motion by a wide receiver. Besides WR Brandon Marshall, Forte has to be the most frustrated player on offensive. Marshall was injured and taken to the hospital during halftime so that was one less great player taken away on offense to help the Bears compete. Once he was injured, you could tell it was over for the Bears.

The Bears’ defense looked helpless after they gave up the first touchdown on fourth and goal. They have looked this way for the entire year. It’s a disgrace to the fans and the franchise. The entire coaching staff has to be fired. None of the players look inspired and have mentally quit the season already. The only way this will change is by a major overhaul.

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