Since 1999, and for many new Cleveland Browns fans since the club returned fifteen years ago, it appears that the winds are finally starting to change off the shores of Lake Erie.

Could the difference be the new head coach in Mike Petting who brings a mental toughness, and grit to a team that has not had either since Paul Brown?

Could it be the hometown hero Brian Hoyer who is playing for his childhood team, and is one of the few that truly do understand our pain?

The truth of the matter is it is many different factors that have contributed to the Browns success of late. For the first time in years it appears that there may actually be fans in the stadium on Sundays. Perhaps it’s the culmination of years of draft picks from various regimes finally coming into their own. One thing is certain. This is no longer the same old Browns.

This team will no longer be happy living in NFL exile obscurity. This team will no longer be pushed around, or run over. This team has attitude, and dare I say swagger. And this is exactly the statement which was made when Cleveland simply trounced Pittsburg 10-31. Consider yourselves on notice, the Cleveland Browns are back.

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