Dear Cleveland Browns fans:

Believe it or not, this is not a dram, nor are you suffering from some sort of aneurism. The Cleveland Browns have beaten the Bengals handily 24-3 on Thursday night prime-time football on the NFL network.

Moreover, the 6-3 Browns essentially share the AFC North lead. The most impressive part of Thursday’s night rout of the Bengals was that they did it without Jordan Cameron, Alex Mack, and WR Andrew Hawkins who accounts for 28% of the total Cleveland offense this season.

The Browns attack has also appeared to take a step in the right direction snapping a three game streak averaging less than 50 yards per game.

The bottom line is this, even the most pessimistic Browns fans have to admit that this team can contend. Perhaps not for a Super Bowl yet, but definitely in the running for a playoff berth. So stand up Cleveland, dawn your orange and brown gear, and where it proudly. Your team is a legit contender……. Go Browns!!!!!!!

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