After the first day of free agency my head is still spinning. Free agent deals have been fast and hard hitting. Some teams are going hard in the paint, while some have yet to make a peep. What is going on?


The NFL world is running in overdrive and Fantasy Footballers are already trying to figure out the expectations of these new additions. What quarterbacks value skyrocketed because of there new weapons? Which running backs got a better offensive line? Which defenses will be over drafted(every league has a couple guys who reach on defense). Let me tell you how I feel and what my expectations are. Fantasy football talk in March… I THINK SO!


Okay lets start with the quarterback spot. Jake Locker has retired so his fantasy value went from low to begin with to gone. One quarterback move was Philadelphia trading Nick Foles to St. Louis for Sam Bradford. Foles hype was high after a rookie season with 27 touchdowns and only 2 picks. Going to the Rams Foles has became a later round pick. His weapons have been downgraded from what he had but Tavon Austin is explosive. His running back trio is also solid. The offensive line is being revamped so that chemistry also affects Foles Success. Foles is mobile so that helps but could lead to him getting hurt. Sam Bradford is a head scratcher for me. How does Chip Kelly throw a injury prone guy into his uptempo fast paced offense? If healthy, Bradford might be able to produce like he is suppose to after being the number 1 overall pick. You will have to be beyond desperate to draft Bradford.


Andrew Luck gets a veteran running back in Frank Gore. Indy tried the Trent Richardson experience and failed and while Gore is older he is a hard nose runner and a much better pass blocker then Richardson. Also Luck just picked up another new toy in wide receiver Andre Johnson, with that signing I expect Luck’s value to sky rocket.


LeSean McCoy who was shipped to Buffalo will be a work horse for Rex Ryan but the offensive line is well below what McCoy was accustomed to. McCoy should still be a starter in all fantasy formats but don’t expect a MVP year. DeMarco Murray could be headed out of Dallas over to division rival Philadelphia. That would make Murray a potential top 5 pick. Marshawn Lynch will be in the top 5 after he signed a deal to stay in Seattle. Speaking of Seattle, Russell Wilson is seeing stars after watching his team acquire Jimmy Graham via trade. Wilson, Lynch and Graham all remain top fantasy prospects and should all be targeted early. Torrey Smith is headed to San Francisco but I feel his value is about what it was in Baltimore. Shane Vereen gets new life as he is headed to the Giants as there new scat back. Expect big plays but not enough to warrant a week in week out start.


I do wanna take this moment to write a fantasy obituary for Julian Thomas…

Julian was a match up Nightmare in Denver.  Average at best as a pass or run blocker he always seemed to reach the end zone. Now in Jacksonville expect to see missing posters and milk cartons.  Here is to the memory of Julian Thomas….


What about defenses? Ndamukong Suh is taking his talents to South Beach. Now Miami had a top 5 fantasy defense last season and after the cuts and acquiring Suh they remain in the top 5. The Lions replaced Suh with Haloti Ngata who was Baltimore’s big defensive monster. Now he doesn’t have Suh’s motor but Detroit filled a glaring gap with this signing. Detroit will have a solid defense but fall from the top 5.  New England allowed a Revis homecoming to New York. Sorry, but that with the releasing of NT Vince Wilfork the Patriots are looking very vulnerable.


As free agency progress’s I will release rankings and other updates that should lead my loyal readers to their respected league championship. Just based off today this upcoming season should be a one for the ages.

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