1.  Andrew Luck vs. Bengals
  2. Peyton Manning vs. 49ers
  3. Aaron Rodgers vs. Panthers
  4. Tom Brady vs. Jets
  5. Phillip Rivers vs. Chiefs
  6. Russell Wilson at Rams
  7. Collin Kaepernick at Broncos
  8. Jay Cutler vs. Dolphins
  9. Cam Newton at Packers
  10. Matt Stafford vs. Saints
  11. Drew Brees at Lions
  12. Tony Romo vs. Giants
  13. Carson Palmer at Raiders
  14. Matt Ryan at Baltimore
  15. Joe Flacco vs. Falcons
  16. Brian Hoyer at Jaguars
  17. Eli Manning at Cowboys
  18. Andy Dalton at Colts
  19. Kirk Cousins vs. Titans
  20. Alex Smith at Chargers

Ranking QB’s was tough this week since most of the good ones have tough matchups and the lower tier QB’s play against weak pass defenses.   Agree/Disagree comment below or hit me up on Twitter @mike_krafick

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