Injuries occur all the time in the NFL. It’s that simple. I think that the big question is, should starters play in the pre-season?

Sure in some situations on teams the starters are fighting for the #1 and 2 spots BUT shouldn’t the depth chart battles be done during training camp? Usually it is obvious who will be the #1 at a position and it seems that too many players suffer major injuries in pre-season games. It’s sad, really.

So far the Green Bay Packers have lost WR Jordy Nelson, and Pittsburgh has lost C Maurkice Pouncey. These are the bigger name injuries to occur lately, and it hurts when a team loses key players. Many players suffer minor orflowers of evil nihon review term injuries which can still effect performance and become an issue down the road.

Rob Gronkowski has NOT appeared in any pre-season game since 2012. WOW. I did not know that until I found this out earlier today. It is clear his performance has not dwindled during the regular season because of it. Maybe it helps?

RG3 is probably one of the best examples, how pre-season injuries can take a toll, not only on the player but the team. It seems since his initial knee injury, he has never fully recovered and he has had a scare or two already this year. The NFL is so concerned with concussions and making the game “safe”. Maybe it should start with the pre-season. The starters are what make the game fun and exciting, well because they are STARTERS! They are the best of the best. depending on the team….No but seriously, imagine if no starters played any pre-season game. It would help teams pick and choose the 53 man roster down to a “T”

Baltimore was down to their 4th string guard against the Eagles, They lost 2nd string RB Lorenzo Taliaferro and a few others stayed out of the game because of earlier injuries in practice or the first game vs New Orleans. Rookie Breshad Perriman fell on his knee during practice and is set to come back “soon” they say but no exact time frame. He hasn’t even played a game yet. These are a few more examples and believe me, there are plenty more!

It seems as if the NFL is crawling to the regular season, and they should be flying there in my opinion. What can be done?! Hopefully we won’t see anymore major injuries anytime soon.

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