It obviously is tradition this time of year as we approach Thanksgiving Day to be grateful, and thankful for what we have, and what we’ve been given. This week one year ago I was thankful and blessed with the birth of my second granddaughter, Faith. With this is mind I look at this year, and how we should be thankful for a thus-far successful season for our Cleveland Browns.

It hasn’t been since 2007 since we as fans have seen seven wins at all in a season, let along seven wins prior to Thanksgiving. Only twice since the Browns return in 1999 have they reach, or surpassed that win total, until now. Despite a tight race in the AFC North the Cleveland Browns have a real legitimate shot of making the playoffs for the first time since 2003.

In addition, how successful did you think the Browns would be after hearing of Josh Gordon’s failed drug test, knowing we would likely loose home for most of, if not the entire season? How successful did you think the Browns would be after seeing what comprised of the remaining Browns receiving corps? Did you think that Cleveland would be in contention after losing Alex Mack for the year?

Like many of you I thought the answer was yet another losing season which to be honest, gives a sports writer like myself plenty of material to work with. Yet despite the suspension, the injuries, the obstacles, and new coaching staff the Browns find themselves in essence in the driver’s seat of their own destiny to the playoffs. With the Browns having yet to play the first place Cincinnati Bengals the Browns in those two games alone can win the division, provided they can keep pace. To this point so far they have.

And to look at this season, this team, and this city even further, I looked upon the Browns win against the Atlanta Falcons this past week as a metaphor of times changing for this once proud franchise. Anyone who is a Browns fan knows the history well. No Super Bowl appearances, twice killed by John Elway in fourth quarter comebacks. Always being just a hair away from sweet success, only to taste bitter failure yet again. Yet despite the bitter turnovers last week by Brian Hoyer, as it seemed fate was with the Falcons to snatch a win, and a heart-breaking defeat for the Browns, they still managed to come through when it counts. Since 1964 the Cleveland Browns would have lost a game like that in the final seconds, they would fail us yet again, and we would be left with the all-important phrase “Wait until next year.”

Another phrase is “Just one before I die.” But I feel that my granddaughter Faith will see plenty in her lifetime. That is if I can win her over from my Steelers loving family. So as you look forward to sharing good times with friends, and family this Thursday to give thanks, be grateful for this season that your Cleveland Browns have given you. And like myself, have a little “Faith” that this season will surpass all of our expectations.


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