Were now about 14 games through the season for all teams and the Warriors are the #1 team in the land with the Grizzlies as a very close second. The Spurs are beginning to look like themselves again and Cavaliers are spinning their tires in the mud. Here’s a breakdown of the inaugural NBA Power Rankings from!


1. Golden State Warriors- 10-2

Steve Kerr has had an incredible first month to his young coaching career. The Warriors sharp-shooters have them far and away outscoring their opponents and the bigs down low are controlling the paint. Mo Speights has really stepped up into being a very good 6th man as well.

2. Memphis Grizzlies- 12-2

Marc Gasol is playing like a MVP candidate, with Memphis playing their typical brand of gritty grind it out D they are definitely a major threat.

3. San Antonio Spurs 9-4

Kawhi Leonard is getting healthy and starting to look like the NBA Finals MVP from last year. Coach Pop has his team playing standard Spur’s basketball. It’s still yet to be seen if Tiago Splitter can get and stay healthy as he will be a very important piece to a deep playoff run.

4.Toronto Raptors  12-2

Very difficult to put the Spurs ahead of the Raptors but I believe in the godfathers in San Antonio right now. The Raptors are playing really good basketball, getting up and down the floor, with Derozan and Lowry attacking the rim they have looked very good early in the season.

5. Portland TrailBlazers 11-3

Top 7 defense paired with a top 3 offense has the Blazers rolling so far. With a very favorable home heavy schedule we should see just what this team is all about when they hit a road heavy schedule come December. Lillard continues to improve and be the undisputed leader of this team.

6. Dallas Mavericks 10-5

Sporting such an explosive offense and a team committed to defense, the Mavericks have looked rejuvenated since last year. Tyson Chandler has been huge on defense and Dirk is making his case to push towards MVP discussions as well.

7. Washington Wizards 9-3

I have been really impressed with the Wizards. John Wall is finally starting to look like the #1 pick that was so hyped when he came out of college. He and Bradley Beal are looking like the second best backcourt in the NBA. Paul Pierce isn’t looking to shabby either after shutting down LeBron James in a Friday night showdown too.

8.Houston Rockets 11-3

Playing very well this year. Dwight Howard has missed a few games which caused the Rockets to stumble some. I still think Harden is overrated with his matador defense but is still scoring at will.

9.Chicago Bulls 9-5

The Bulls have been bitten with injuries in the back court and Derrick Rose has only played in a few games this season. In his absence Jimmy Butler has stepped up and they look like a strong contender with Rose healthy.

10.LA Clippers 8-5

The Clips got off to a slow start this year but are getting back to Lob City Form showing off for the cameras vs Miami. Chris Paul is leading and Griffin and company are following suit.

11.New Orleans Pelicans 7-5

Anthony Davis has played out of his mind and is backing up his trademark “Fear the Brow”. Davis is clearly the Western Conference Player of the Month and if the Pelicans  can get Asik healthy, the defense will tough to handle in the Big Easy.

12. Phoenix Suns 9-6

Coach Hornaceck is using a three-guard lineup and running it beautifully. They play good defense, run the floor and are continuing their success from last year. Isaiah Thomas has played outstanding while setting career highs.

13. Miami Heat 8-6

Chris Bosh has returned to his form in Toronto and until his latest hamstring problem D-Wade has been very consistent. Chalmers has started in his place and they are 3-1 in their last 4 games

14. Sacramento Kings 8-5

DeMarcus Cousins is dominating down low and is keeping his head on straight, with only 2 techs. Maybe hos time with Team USA helped him mature. Rudy Gay is chipping in 21 points 6 boards and nearly 4 dimes a game.

15.Milwaukee Bucks 7-7

Jason Kidd’s lengthy young team is in the hunt for the playoffs. Jabari Parker hasn’t exploded like expected but he’s improving every game. The Greek Freak and Brandon Knight are throwing in double figures as well.

16. Cleveland Cavaliers 6-7

The Cavaliers have looked absolutely terrible this year except for small stretches. Lebron James hasn’t looked himself and Kevin Love doesn’t look like he fits in at all. They are far from the preseason picks for Eastern Conference Finals. Patience is running low and tempers high in Cleveland.

17. Denver Nuggets 6-7

Started the year 2-9 and in the past 4 games they’re 4-0. Ty Lawson and company aren’t destroying anyone but have reeled off wins against the Cavaliers and Pelicans in that stretch.

18. Orlando Magic 6-10

Rookie fan favorite, Aaron Gordon will be out for an extended time and Oladipo hasn’t been 100% to this point but Nikola Vucevic has carried the Magic on his back while getting assistance from Harris, Fournier and rookie, Elfrid Payton.

19.Atlanta Hawks 6-5

Sharp shooting Kyle Korver has cooled off quite a bit but Milsap has been his typical blue-collared nastiness while leading the Hawks to a plus .500 record

20.Indiana Pacers 6-8

The Pacers were decimated by free agency and injuries this year and using a starting lineup that is mediocre at best. Roy Hibbert is back to his All-Star ways while single-handily carrying the Pacers to a few victories.

21. Utah Jazz 5-10

The Utah Jazz have won 5 games in the first month of the season instead of the turn of the New Year like last season under new head coach Quin Snyder. They’ve been very efficient on offense but got off to slow start that buried them. The defense has been pretty much non-existent so far and that can be attributed to how young this team is.. The team is learning to win and their record doesn’t tell the story.

22. Brooklyn Nets 5-8

Not looking like a team with much hope this early in the season. Joe Johnson and Deron Williams have shouldered the load but Brook Lopez still isn’t himself. Garnett has looked average for a player with plenty of mileage but you can tell his age is catching up to him. Andrei Kirilenko left the team and is expected to be traded which further adds problems to the Nets bench production.

23. Boston Celtics 4-8

Marcus Smart is close to returning from a scary injury and Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green are boosting their free agent value while the Celtics have been torn up on the defensive end. They’ve faced a brutal schedule that isn’t over yet.

24. Charlotte Hornets 4-11

Next to James’ Cavaliers, the Jefferson led Hornets have been very disappointing. They can’t stop anyone from scoring and go long droughts without scoring themselves. Jefferson and Stephenson need to shoulder the load and right this ship.

25. New York Knicks 4-11

Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks has done nothing but climb down the standings this year. Don’t know what Phil Jackson has planned for the Knicks but the triangle offense has been a fail and they have no help for Anthony. Jr Smith has disappeared and Stoudemire is injury-riddled still. Time to press reset.

26.Oklahoma City Thunder 3-12

If there were ever questions about a superstar’s importance to their team, the Thunder are the perfect example. The Thunder are risking missing the playoffs all together even when Westbrook and Durant return.

27.LA Lakers 3-11

Swaggy P is back to assist Kobe Bryant and basically help him chase the legends above him on the all time scoring list. Once Randle went down, the Lakers really went into Lottery mode. The Lakers for the time being are the other team in LA.

28. Minnesota Timberwolves 3-9

Andrew Wiggins being unleashed to develop into the potential superstar he can be while starters Pekovic, Martin and Rubio are all out with injuries. Just another lottery bound season for the lowly Wolves.

29. Detroit Pistons 3-10

Stan Van Gundy hasn’t seen his typical success in the Motor City. Greg Monroe has dragged his team with him and fellow big man Drummond who played so well last year has been dismal this year. Jennings and Smith are doing everything to support Monroe but the Pistons are going in circles.

30.Philadelphia 76ers 0-14

Not much to speak of here. The Kentucky Wildcats have a better chance of winning than the 76ers. With the return of MCW maybe they will get a boost and prevent the chance of besting the Nets all time worst start 0-18

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