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Welcome to Truluvsports weekly NBA Power Rankings. Last week saw a major trade go down, a few teams step up and some fell back. The Warriors are still the cream of the crop but they have challengers coming for the throne. The bottom of the barrel still is Eastern Conference heavy but don’t count them out just yet. Here is my list:


30. Minnesota Timberwolves (5-21): Yes they are basement bound. Despite a roster that should be competitive every-night they still somehow find a way to stink up the joint.

29. New York Knicks (5-25): The Knicks record, demeanor, and philosophy has let the whole NBA down. But didn’t you see this coming?

28. Philadelphia 76ers (3-23): they might have the worst record in the league right now but have played better in last 10 games than most teams have.

27. Detroit Pistons (5-23): Losers of 4 straight with no end in sight. Possibly the best front-court in basketball, too bad it’s only on paper.

26. Los Angeles Lakers (8-19): Last week the Lakers were playing better team ball, this week they have reverted back to Bryant-ball.

25. Orlando Magic (10-20): The future looks bright for the Magic, remember this is still the East, they could sneak into the playoffs.

24. Utah Jazz (8-20): Once Burke becomes a bit more consistent, he and Kanter will be a handful to handle.

23. Indiana Pacers (8-19): They haven’t completely given up on the season yet, still have some fight left in them.

22. Charlotte Hornets (8-19): Maybe they should have leaked news of of trading Lance earlier in the season.

21. Brooklyn Nets (11-15): The Nets are in shambles right now as trade rumors continues to surround the team.

20. Boston Celtics (10-15): A new era has begun in Boston, thanks for the memories Rajon.

19. Miami Heat (13-15): The Heat know they will slide into the playoffs, just getting there healthy is the goal.

18. Milwaukee Bucks (14-14): The Bucks are trying to overcome the loss of rookie Parker, but Kidd has a plan.

17. Denver Nuggets (12-15): It starts and ends with a team concept, once they get that down they will begin to show their potential.

16. Sacramento Kings (12-15): Boogie is back and the Kings will right their ship now.

15. New Orleans Pelicans (14-13): Davis is still on a tear but the team as a whole must step up and accept some of the pressure to win.

14. Phoenix Suns (15-14): The Suns cannot continue to be a hot & cold team, this is the West and they will get left out in the cold.

13. Oklahoma City Thunder (13-15): Here comes the Westbrook backlash again. Just accept they can’t win without him.

12. San Antonio Spurs (17-11): Time to panic for the champs? No, they are who they are for a reason.

11. Cleveland Cavaliers ( 16-10): We knew they would click eventually, but why is Waiters still on the trade block?

10. Chicago Bulls (17-9): One of the best teams on the road, that will serve them well come playoff time.

9. Houston Rockets (19-7): The return of Howard and now the Rockets hit a tough stretch in their schedule.

8. Los Angeles Clippers (19-8): The Clippers have made a run during a soft stretch, now the competition gets a little harder.

7. Washington Wizards (19-7): No one man team here, every loss and win is a group effort.

6. Dallas Mavericks (20-8): The Mavericks upgraded their roster and now have their sights on the top prize.

5. Atlanta Hawks (19-7): The Hawks are the quiet team no one talks about until they beat you.

4. Memphis Grizzlies (21-6): The Grizz are still one of the best, let’s just hope that Randolph is OK.

3. Toronto Raptors (22-6): Anymore questions about how legit the Raptors are?

2. Portland Trailblazers (22-6): Lillard is making a case for best PG in the league right now.

1. Golden State Warriors (22-3): The Grizlies loss seems so long ago.

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