NBA Power Rankings

Welcome to Truluvsports Weekly NBA Power Rankings. The NBA season has been a wild ride for many teams. The 76ers still only have two wins, the Knicks are no better with five (it feels like 1), the Spurs are doing their normal rest & relax while the Grizz and the Rockets continue to chase the mighty Warriors. Rankings do not reflect Monday’s games..


30. Philadelphia 76ers (2-21) : The losing has to hurt the mentality of this young club.

29. New York Knicks (5-21): The Knicks are in trouble and I pray that Jackson’s plan kicks in real fast.

28. Minnesota Timberwolves (5-18): You think Wiggins is pissed he ended up in Minnesota?

27. Charlotte Hornets (6-17): They are by far the most disappointing team in the NBA.

26. Utah Jazz (6-18): The Jazz are 1-9 in their last 10 games, the present and future looks pretty dim right now.

25. Detroit Pistons (5-19): Your best low-post scorer is coming off the bench, that sums up their season right there.

24. Indiana Pacers (7-17): You can never count out a team that knew coming in they had noting to lose.

23. Boston Celtics (7-14): I keep saying that the Celtics have a shot at wining the Atlantic Division, just watch.

22. Sacramento Kings (11-13): The nonsense begins with the firing of the coach who brought the team success and respect, back to the old Kings we go.

21. Los Angeles Lakers (8-16): Congrats to Kobe for passing Mike, now he needs teammates to pass the ball to.

20. Orlando Magic (10-16): The Magic will be in the playoffs this year.

19. Denver Nuggets (10-14): Time for the veteran leaders of this team to step up and seize the opportunity in the West.

18. Miami Heat (11-13): The Heat will be there come playoff time. Right now they are getting their injuries out the way.

17. Phoenix Suns (12-13): They must improve if the playoffs are their focus.

16. New Orleans Pelicans (11-12): Davis may have the inside track on MVP but if his teams doesn’t get above .500, it doesn’t matter.

15. Brooklyn Nets (10-12): Amid trade rumors the Nets have began to play better team basketball, is it too late?

14. Milwaukee Bucks (12-12): The young Bucks are giving their all for Coach Kidd.

13. Cleveland Cavaliers (13-9): Did you really think that funk was going to last all season?

12. Oklahoma City Thunder (11-13): Here comes Durant and Westbrook.

11. Toronto Raptors (18-6): Can they rebound from a bad 10-game stretch?

10. Chicago Bulls (15-8): You think D-Rose doesn’t hear and see the naysayers?

9. Los Angeles Clippers (16-7): The Clips are keeping pace with the rest of the West but shouldn’t they be ahead with that talent?

8. Dallas Mavericks (17-8): The Mavs have found the fountain of youth and are giving the younger teams a lesson is veteran-ship.

7. Atlanta Hawks (16-7): They have the ingredients to make it to the Eastern Conference Championship.

6. San Antonio Spurs (17-7): How do you rest your star players but yet still be in the top 10?

5. Portland Trailblazers (18-6): The create his own shot PG, the low-post beast and a great shooter, what are they missing?

4. Washington Wizards (17-6): John Wall has the Wizards playing as if the playoffs already started.

3. Houston Rockets (18-5): For all the whispers of Harden and his lack of defense, the Rockets are still sitting pretty.

2. Memphis Grizzlies (19-4): Defense not only wins Championships but it seems they win regular season games as well.

1. Golden State Warriors (21-2): Can they go for the record of 72-10?

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