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The San Diego Chargers have announced they will not exercise their escape clause in their lease and remain in San Diego for the 2015 NFL Season.

The Charger Nation has gone through the anguish of the annual statement for several years. From my perspective, the Stadium issue must be resolved soon or the move to LA will become a reality. Qualcomm Stadium is neither adequate nor safe. As a season ticket holder, numerous times during rain, I have had a pipe leak on my left leg from above me. The San Diego City Council, Mayor Faulconer, Charger Management Team and building partner must start progress towards a new facility in 2015. Get the proposal on the ballot and let the citizens county wide vote.

The NFL hierarchy, who said they would fund a Stadium in LA must get behind this project as well. Southern California can coexist with teams in both venues. We did in the past and will in the future. With the Charger financial input along with the NFL revenue, they could make this a reality without taxpayer expense.

Now is the time to move forward. America’s Finest City deserves a first class Stadium for supporters of the Chargers. Charger Nation, let the Chargers, City of San Diego, and the NFL know how you feel. Charger Fans, UNITE!

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