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The Chicago Bears overcame a 10-point deficit and scored 21 unanswered points in the third quarter in their win versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 21-13. This was a tale of two halves as the Bears’ offense played poorly in the first half then played great in the second half. Running back Matt Forte was the star of the offense as he scored two touchdowns but the defense was the main reason for the win. This is the second win for the Bears at home this season.

In the first half, the Bears’ offense played terrible since QB Jay Cutler couldn’t move the chains. It came to the point where the fans would boo him every time he miss a chance. They weren’t running the ball effectively and the passing game was just as bad. It looked as if the Bears would lose another game at home. In the second half, Cutler lead the Bears’ offense to the end zone as he threw a touchdown pass to WR Alshon Jeffrey. From there, the Bears gained momentum and was able to overcome being down by 10 points as they scored two more touchdowns by rushing the football. Forte kept the offense in balance and they didn’t give up the lead.

The defense was the key to this game, they held the Buccaneers to a field goal in the second half. Overall, They created four turnovers, including three in the third quarter which was an interception and two fumbles, one from the quarterback and the other from the wide receivers. They applied pressure on QB Josh McCown resulting in two interceptions, and a fumble. The second interception and fumble lead to touchdowns by the Bears on offense. The defense plays with motivation when the Bears’ offense scores. It shows how important psychology is in football referring to the mental aspect.

The Bears need to work on the passing game so they can convert more first downs and put their opponent in uncomfortable positions which will give the defense more opportunities for turnovers.

The Chicago Bears will play on Thanksgiving against the Detroit Lions.


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