Welcome to Truluvsports NFL Week 13 Power Rankings. Week 13 was downright amazing as we witness what could go down as the greatest catch on history, the Raiders getting their first win, the dominance of the Packers and Patriots and the fall of the NFC South. Let’s take a look in where teams are heading into next week.

32.Jacksonville Jaguars (1-10): The opportunity was there but the Jags are now basement bound.

31.Oakland Raiders (1-10): We all saw it coming, I’m still hurt cause I picked them for a playoff spot but oh well, congrats Raiders.

30.Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-9): Despite their horrendous record, they are still in place to be division champs, go figure.

29.New York Jets (2-9): Not even going to blame the Jets for that loss. They were expecting to play in the cold weather then the NFL and mother nature messed everything up, I put this loss on Roger Goodell.

28.Tennessee Titans (2-9): The Titans were done once the ball was kicked off to begin the game.

27.Washington Redskins (3-8): When is enough, enough? No one wants him there.

26.New York Giants (3-8): One of the best catches I ever saw, too bad they can’t catch a win.

25.Carolina Panthers (3-7-1): What if Smith stayed? What if Cam was fully healthy? What if this was last year?

24.New Orleans Saints (4-7): One of the biggest enigmas in the NFL

23.Minnesota Vikings (4-7): If the Vikes ever find a consistent ground game, watch out NFL

22.Atlanta Falcons (4-7): Remember when we all thought the Falcons were dead. Look at them now, division leaders.

21.Houston Texans (5-6): Such a promising start to the season until injuries took over.

20.St. Louis Rams (4-7): A team must go through hardships before the see the bright future ahead of them.

19.Chicago Bears (5-6): You want to root for them but it’s hard to do. Then they play a complete game like Sunday.

18.Buffalo Bills (6-5): Maybe every home game should be an away game.

17.Miami Dolphins (6-5): Close but no cigar for the emerging Dolphins.

16.San Diego Chargers (7-4): Rivers and Matthews look playoff ready.

15.San Francisco 49ers (7-4): A close one against the Redskins, you must never take a team lightly in the NFL.

14.Seattle Seahawks (7-4): Seattle decided to remind everyone, Cardinals included that they are the defending Champs.

13.Cleveland Browns (7-4): I still believe the Browns will win their division and shock the world.

12.Kansas City Chiefs (7-4): Every team goes through one of those WTH games.

11.Detroit Lions (7-4): Is this a sight of things to come or was this that once in a season game where nothing goes right?

9.Baltimore Ravens (7-4): The more I see this team, the more I began to believe.

9.Cincinnati Bengals (7-3-1): It would seem their bad stretch is over, back to early season dominance.

8.Indianapolis Colts (7-4): Luck continues his MVP season, and the Colts keep rolling along.

7.Pittsburgh Steelers (7-4): Tough division but the Steelers look to come out on top.

6.Dallas Cowboys (8-3): The Cowboys withstood the hype of the catch and handled their business.

5.Philadelphia Eagles (8-3): Sanchez continues to prove that Chip Kelly is an offensive genius.

4.Denver Broncos (8-3): The Broncos are the Spurs of the NFL, they have one thing in sight, playoffs.

3.Arizona Cardinals (9-2): Only one question remains, how will they respond?

2.Green Bay Packers (8-3): Close games build character, they have the ingredients.

1.New England Patriots (9-2): Once the soap opera of the NFL, now they reign supreme.

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