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Welcome to Truluvsports NFL Week 7 Power Rankings. It’s time for teams to begin their position battles. The Broncos continue to march on while the Cowboys and Eagles try to make up ground on the #1 team. The Jags picked up their first win of the year and finally moved out the basement while middle of the pack teams like Carolina and Cincinnati continue to slide further down the ladder. Here are my rankings for the week.

32. Oakland Raiders (0-6): Last week they looked like a playoff team, this week they looked like the Raiders. Last week#31

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-6): Feels good to be out the basement of all Power Rankings. Let them celebrate, they have earned it. Last week#32

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-6): A bye week was much needed for the Bucs but they get back into action against the Vikings. Do I smell a 2nd win? Last week#29

29. New York Jets (1-6): This team continues to push me to the brink of craziness. The game was theirs and they gave it away. At what point does it stop? Last week#30

28. Atlanta Falcons (2-5): Remember when Warren Sapp predicted 4 wins? Last week#26

27. Tennessee Titans (2-5): You know the saying. “You have a face only a mother could love” well that is how I feel about the Titans. Last week#24

26. Minnesota Vikings (2-5): One player missing is not the reason for this downfall. It was going to happen regardless. Last week#25

25. Washington Redskins (2-5): Well it officially looks like the Cousins bandwagon is empty as Cousins himself has jumped off. Last week#28

24. New Orleans Saints (2-4): A waste of talent. Maybe they should bring back the “Bounty” and give these guys something to play for. Last week#22

23. St. Louis Rams (2-4): A great win by the Rams. Somewhere Bradford is checking his fantasy roster looking to trade himself for Carr. Last week#27

22. New York Giants (3-4): At what point did the Giants faithful think they really had a chance? Last week#19

21. Houston Texans (3-4): The Steelers were giving them chances after chances and the Texans kept saying “Naw we good, go ahead and embarrass us”. Last week#17

20. Chicago Bears (3-4): Too much talent on this team to be 3-4. I understand Marshall’s frustration but this is a team sport. You win as one, you lose as one. Last week#16

19. Cleveland Browns (3-3): The Jaguars seriously? Out of all the teams to lose to they pick the worst. Last week#15

18. Carolina Panthers (3-3-1): Last year this was one a top 5 defense. This year the defense fears everyone. Last week#14

17. Kansas City Chiefs (3-3): When division ball starts all bets are off. The Chiefs resembled last year while the Chargers mirrored all years prior to this one. Last week#21

16. Miami Dolphins (3-3): The Dolphins are another enigma team. They are still in the race but will they be there when the checkered flag is being waved? Last week#23

15. Cincinnati Bengals (3-2-1): Oh how the mighty have fallen. Did they just forget how to play football over a three week span? Last week#13

14. Seattle Seahawks (3-3): Who fears Seattle’s defense now? After that Chargers game they have not been the same. Last week#11

13. Buffalo Bills (4-3): How do you lose Spiller and Jackson but still win the game with Orton? Last week#20

12. San Francisco 49ers (4-3): The 49ers happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Manning was on the verge of history and the 49ers were in his way. Last week#9

11. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3): The Steelers have their moments and with the way the rest of their division is playing they still have a shot. Last week#18

10. San Diego Chargers (5-2): That loss to the Chiefs hurt but this team has been good all season so I expect a bounce back win. Too bad it won’t be this week. Last week#2

9. Detroit Lions (5-2): The Lions are showing they can build a lead, keep a lead and come from behind to win a game. This team is serious. Last week#12

8. Green Bay Packers (5-2): A what point do we stop doubting the Packers? Last week#10

7. Baltimore Ravens (5-2): The Ravens are making a claim for NFL Elite. Flacco is proving he is worth a fraction of that large contract and Steve Smith has found the Fountain of Youth. Last week#8

6. New England Patriots (5-2): Do you remember when the sports world forgot that Brady was actually Brady for a game or two? Last week#7

5. Arizona Cardinals (5-1): They have to be the quietest 5-1 team I have ever seen except for when they step on the field. Last week#5

4. Indianapolis Colts (5-2): The Colts are playing like Manning, James and Harrison are still leading. Luck and Co are proving they have no need for an idiot owner. Last week#6

3. Philadelphia Eagles (5-1): A bye week was right on time for the Birds as a few players needed to rehab. Last week#3

2. Dallas Cowboys (6-1): How can you still doubt anyone associated with this team right now? Last week#4

1. Denver Broncos (5-1): It’s almost unfair to have them in the league. Last week#1

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