The St. Louis Rams failed to get a road win over the San Diego Chargers on Sundays match up by a score of 27-24. The Rams lost because of some very untimely penalties and if we’re all being honest here, some very poor play calling.

Penalty flags riddled the field all day long, but none were more costly for the Rams than a holding call on a Tavon Austin punt return that would have put the ball at the three yard line with over a minute to play and the Rams down by three. Mike Pereira was quick to take to twitter to tell his followers that he watched the return multiple times and did not see a holding call. Without the phantom holding penalty the Rams would have been at the one and a half yard line with well over a minute to go as San Diego’s punter was called for going for the knees on one of Tavon’s blockers.

Being at the 40 yard line instead of the 1 is a big swing for any team. The Rams did not take it as a failed attempt at a win as a big pass to Kenny Britt eventually got the Rams to within scoring range inside the 5 yard line.

On first down the St. Louis Rams ran the ball with Benny Cunningham and got about two yards and the Chargers called a time out. The Chargers calling time outs means they were ready for the Rams to possibly go up on the score board and they wanted enough time to make a drive for themselves.

That is until Brian Schottenheimer took to the headset. On second down, a fairly routine situation, the Rams lined up and fans had to watch in horror as Benny Cunningham was sent out into the slot. With just Shaun Hill and Corey Harkey in the backfield, Rams fans knew it wasn’t going to be a run play. At this very moment you may have heard me yelling at my TV from Colorado.

Shaun Hill threw the ball to Kenny Britt coming across the middle. Yes, you read that right, across the middle. Not even a fade route to our only big receiver left on the roster. Well the ball was intercepted and at that very second, Shotty lost any love that he could have possibly had from any Rams fan.

Already on this Monday morning I have seen fan attempts to have the hash tag “#FireShotty” trending. Schottenheimer has been getting a lot of heat from fans over the last three years. Tavon Austin’s lack of production has been traced back to Schottenheimer and  fans have officially had enough.

The St. Louis Rams, once again, fail to overcome the penalties and their own play calls. As a Rams fan myself, I am going to come clean and voice my displeasure in the play calling. Brian Schottenheimer should be out of St. Louis. Not only should he not be the Rams Offensive Coordinator next season, he should not be aloud to finish out the year. Last year Rams fans saw Defensive Coordinator Tim Walton lose his play calling privileges. I would not be surprised if Schottenheimer had his play calling duties pulled. The only question now is, are Fisher and Shotty close enough friends for personal feelings get in the way of what needs to be done for the Rams to win more games.

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