Suck on that Patriots! Tamper this! Yes you read the title correctly the New York Jets have officially returned fire on the New England Patriots regarding the Darrelle Revis scenario. The Jets filed tampering charges with the NFL over Patriots owner Bob Kraft’s comments about Darrelle Revis the day before. In case you didn’t hear it Robert Kraft made these comments earlier in the week:

“He’s a great player,” Kraft told reporters during a 25-minute press conference in the hotel lobby. “The fan in me wishes he were still us.”

“Kraft also said the Patriots made a “very competitive offer” to Revis”

“We wanted him in our system, and we have certain disciplines,” Kraft added. “We had hoped it worked out. It didn’t. … As a fan, in March and April, I hate to lose him.”

For the New York Jets it is more than simply trying to get the Patriots to pay some sort of compensation for his comments. It’s really about this rivalry going to the next level, it’s another feather in the cap so to speak. And breaking the 4th wall here temporarily speaking as a die hard New York Jets fan…I love it. I think everyone in the league shares a mutual hatred or dislike for the New England Patriots. And as a Jets fan it’s on another level, if you aren’t a Jets fan you simply don’t understand the level of dislike for a team. This may only be March, but sparks are already flying building fans anticipation for the upcoming season. It’s very likely we could see the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots play the New York Jets in the regular-season opener, cheers to that.

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