The USC Trojans won in a nail-biter as they defeated the Nebraska Cornhuskers 45-42. The Trojans finally finished strong at the end of the game instead of letting the opponent complete the comeback as several teams did against them during this season. This was arguably the Trojans’ best performance on offense because they had to keep responding to Nebraska’s fight by scoring more touchdowns in crucial situations. The Trojans’ defense made a necessary stop that prevented the Cornhuskers from making a field goal attempt to tie the game. This was the Trojans team that fans expected to finish strong in the fourth quarter and they did it in the Holiday Bowl.

The Trojans’ offense clicked on all cylinders as they scored by passing, running, on special teams. Cornerback Adoree Jackson was the player of the game scoring on kickoff and on offense. Jackson scored the first touchdown on their fist kickoff return. Later, he caught a 71-yard touchdown pass from QB Cody Kessler that gave the Trojans a two-touchdown advantage. Kessler passed for three touchdowns while RB Javorius Allen ran for 152 yards and two touchdowns. Wide receiver Nelson Agholor played well having seven receptions for 90 yards and one touchdown. It was a complete game from the offense and they played as well as you would expect them to.

The Trojans’ defense didn’t play well but found a way to finish. They were able to occasionally apply reassure and created one turnover which was an interception. The run defense hurt them and but what was surprising was their lack of pass defense. They key of the game was when the Cornhuskers stopped running the read-option and decided to throw on third down and didn’t convert. They were forced to try to convert on fourth down and the Trojans stopped them from running for a fist down. This was the play they needed to give them confidence going into next season. They fought till the end and won.

Next season, the Trojans need to work on play calling, defense, and finishing strong in the fourth quarter and if they do that, they can win the Pac-12 and possibly compete for the college playoffs.

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