Controversy in the nation’s capital is an everyday norm. It usually happens in the form of politics. However, over the last couple of football seasons the controversy is nothing but obvious. This controversy is taking the sports nation by storm. Why is there a controversy? Should there be a one? How do we solve this controversy? We answer these questions below.

Why is there a QB controversy?

The, said to be, incumbent Robert Griffin III and his play at the QB position coupled with the play of the two backup quarterbacks at a dramatic difference is creating this controversy. RG3 and his lack of ability to stay healthy, lack of ability to throw receivers open, and lack of ability to see the field is putting fuel on the fire. All in the while, backup QBs Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy are playing at an American Pharoah’s pace above RG3. There is a noticeable difference in the way the game is run when the two backups are in compared to when Robert Griffin III is in the game. RG3 was named “the starter” back in February. Should he have been? Should there have been a competition? Does this next preseason game determine anything?? There are so many questions to this whole thing.

Should there be a controversy?

In this writers eyes the answer to this question is clearly a no! There is no question that either of two backups are clearly head and shoulders above the incumbent. They both have a better idea of how the offense should be run. Both Colt McCoy and Kirk Cousins have a better pocket presence than RG3. They both can hit the open receiver. Both “backup” qbs have a toughness about them that allows them to stay on the field. A toughness that the brittle RG3 has not been able to display in his short career. The controversy should be which QB is going to be number 2 after Colt McCoy or Kirk Cousins is named the starter. Right now if I had to place them in order I would say Kirk Cousins, Colt McCoy and Robert Griffin III should be the order. This gives the Redskins the best chance to win.

How do we solve this controversy?

It is difficult to solve this controversy based on the ownership of the organization. Since Dan Snyder, owner of the Redskins, has his hand in the cookie jar, the starter is set. RG3 was told the job was is to lose in training camp. To anybody with any amount of football knowledge they can see that this has happen. The offense has not scored in the preseason while RG3 is in the game. All scoring drives have come with Cousin or McCoy. This controversy should have been solved with a true QB competition for the entire preseason. If RG3 goes out in preseason game 3 and does not move the ball how can you start him in week 1 vs Miami? The only way to solve this controversy is for Jay Gruden to be the man, start Kirk Cousins and be done with it. In his mind he does not want to start RG3 anyway. He is being forced to. Man up Jay, that is how you solve this so-called controversy.

It is time to be real about the whole situation. You want to say that the issue is the offensive line, the issue is the play calling, RG3 is being sabotaged, whatever the pro RG3 people want to say, put it in thewatch series true justice . RG3 is done and a bust. He is a one hit wonder! I was as a happy as any in 2012 but realism was setting in. We may not have a true starting QB on the roster. However, we do have 2 QBs that are better than the “incumbent.” As they said in one of the Bad News Bears movies “Let them play, Let them play!”

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