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Politics makes strange bedfellows. Case in point, two hated rivals joining forces to build a State of the Art facility in Carson, CA. It appears this venture has been in the works for over 9 months, unbeknown to San Diego and Oakland city officials. Mayor Faulconer of San Diego has been blindsided by this development and still plans to go ahead with his task force formed to get a site, and expenses to be incurred to build a new Stadium. The Mayor will meet with Owner Dean Spanos this week to get our deal on discusssion to avoid the Chargers from leaving after 2015 Season.

It is of my opinion that this move by the Chargers is to keep pressure on the City of San Diego to come up with a formidable solution soon, before the end of 2015. It also tells me that the Chargers were not transparent with the Mayor in regards to negotiating in good faith. When you deal with your hated rivals on this issue you show NO CLASS toward your fans and season ticket base in San Diego. It appears you would sell us out for a large chunk of silver. This issue has dragged on for around 14 years and must be resolved now. The Chargers appear to be using this as another option should San Diego fail to deliver. The site itself in Carson is not the most desirable area. The Chargers once had their training camp there in early 2000’s.

I hope all sides can be reasonable in finding a solution amicable to taxpayers and the NFL, which could help fund this project. There are Charger Fans very irate at this move by the Chargers, and more angry to join forces with your archrivals.


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